Professionals often struggle because they don’t know what to say in difficult situations

The BoardRoom is a Membership for Professionals to

improve communication skills in any scenerio…

  • Deliver Bad News
  • Address Underperformance
  • Handle Conflict
  • Navigate Crisis
  • Implement Major Changes
  • Announce Layoffs
  • Respond to Criticism
  • Negotiate with Stakeholders

The BoardRoom results:

Be Taken Seriously

Be taken seriously, even if you fear that others won’t ever see your true value.

Take Control

Take charge of your career. Stop watching less qualified coworkers advance while you stand still.

Be Seen

Be noticed and unlock new opportunities, even if you’ve been overlooked for years.

Feel Confident

Using scripts, you’ll gain confidence, knowing precisely what to say to achieve your desired results.

Resolve Issues

Resolve the negotiation when someone is unwilling to compromise.

More Opportunities

From dazzling job offers to exciting collaborations, get ready to meet your future with confidence.

Promotions, Salary Increases, and Better Sleep Await You:

What is BAD communication costing you & your organization?

Less Productivity

People want to be led by a leader they appreciate and know will stand up for them if necessary.

Wasted Time

Stop wasting valuable time and learn the right way to communicate, that’ll advance your career.

Damaged Relationships

Many teams are unhealthy and disengaged, costing organizations billions and leaving leaders and employees feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

What’s more, these negative emotions often follow them home – affecting their loved ones.


People want a leader they appreciate and who will stand up for them.


to lead with integrity, regardless of the situation.

Download this guide to get the exact words to use (and what to avoid) with any of these types of coworkers.
  • The Credit Taker
  • The Interuptor
  • The Discreditor
  • The Condemer
  • And More…

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    The BoardRoom Membership

    The BoardRoom is a monthly subscription designed specifically to help you take control of your career, defuse conflict and deal with judgmental coworkers, all while showing you how to be CEO of your life, so you can be seen, recognized and promoted.

    Message Vault: Videos to help you successfully navigate the toughest workplace situations.

    Monthly Group Q & A: I will answer live or pre-submitted questions and conduct on-demand consulting.
    Ask Melissa: I answer your questions privately (within 24 hrs) or live during group Q & A.
    Downloadable Files: Tip sheets on how to negotiate salary, handle high stakes conversations and “right-way” rewrites for every foreseeable business conflict.
    Copy Bible Course: How to build your personal brand, build your mission and vision statement, elevator speech, resume, LinkedIn profile, board biography, and more.

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    Thrive in the workplace

    Promotions, salary increases, less conflict, less stress, and better sleep.

    No one has the right to define you, but YOU!

    Every leader is faced with challenges – how will you handle them?

    • Respond to Nasty Emails
    • Present to Board Members
    • Show new Leaders your value
    • Navigate Crisis


    How you communicate with clients, coworkers and vendors is the foundation upon which your reputation and success is built, and it shouldn’t be an afterthought

    Together, we can move your career forward:

    About Me

    • 24+ years' experience in crisis management and executive coaching
    • 1000s of clients served—with long-term engagements
    • I’m strongly credentialed in criminal justice, psychology and communication
    • I’m fun and truly have a heart for people in crisis or work dilemmas

    About You

    • Leader, Professional, CEO, HR Director
    • Disappointed by not reaching your career goals
    • Stuck in a toxic work environment
    • Feeling like nothing will ever change

    I’m your secret weapon to getting that raise or promotion

    I’m TIRED of watching professionals struggle to advance their careers because they’ve never had access to the right communication tools, and I want to change that.

    My Guarantee

    I’m so confident that you’ll get value from the first day you open the membership vault. But if you ever experience budget changes, you can cancel at anytime.

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